Aluminum Miller Blades

Aluminum Miller Blades

What is Back Gouging?

Back gouging is the removal of weld and base metal by arc gouging or grinding from the other side of a partially welded joint to assure complete fusion and penetration upon subsequent welding from that side. Aluminum miller blades can be used for milling, cleaning up and grooving, and cutting out welding tacks. These blades are made to industry standards and can be sharpened many times.

Welding aluminum without making a back gouge before welding the backside of the material can cause you problems. The lack of a back gouge can cause voids and overall lack of material fusion. This can cause serious strength issues in your welding.

These blades have become extremely popular with aluminum boat builders as the blades are specifically designed for aluminum and not just an all purpose blade. Back gouging and cleaning up has never been easier.

The Skookum Aluminum Miller Blade

Our Skookum Aluminum Miller blade has been specifically designed for working with aluminum giving you the most efficient cut with long lasting blade life. Once you have tried our blade you won’t be able to go back to using anything else. These Aluminum specific blades are known by many names around the world like: meat axe, meat eater, lethal, miller, back groover, aluminum groover, back gouger, aluminum gouger.

If you have any questions about aluminum miller blades please contact us. Visit our online store to learn more today.

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