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LIVE Discounted Shipping Rates

All shipping uses Live Rates from major couriers and Canada Post. You get to pick the service level and carrier for your order.

Shipping Discounts:

A discount is applied to your selected live rates and that discount increases with higher value in the checkout. The more you buy – the more you save, even up to FREE Shipping! Creating our discount structure this way allows us to offer competitive pricing across all of our products without having to inflate costs with freight recovery like other retailers do. It also gives YOU the flexibility to choose whichever shipping option is the most convenient for you. 

We have multiple strategically placed warehouses throughout North America. Because of this, we are usually able to offer quick shipping options anywhere in Canada and also offer shipping to USA and International destinations. Each warehouse has it’s own shipping charges attached to it, and shipping discounts apply to each warehouse individually, so for orders that consist of multiple brands of items we recommend you select our consolidated shipping option as it will usually provide a cheaper, single charge for everything in your order! Consolidated orders only ship from the Victoria, BC warehouse so keep in mind that transfer times are in addition to the courier transit times.

Of course, you can always call us toll-free (1-888-665-6936) or e-mail us ([email protected]) with any inquiries or to place your order directly through a live agent.

Choose your shipping method:

In step (2) of the checkout you will see the shipping method options. The shipping methods offered in this section are dynamic and are based on variables such as the “brand” of product(s) you have in the checkout along with quantities of items and order values. Since some of our shipping locations have minimum requirements for shipping, they may not be available to you until you meet that specific quantity or order value minimum. Consolidated from BC Warehouse is always available as this location is able to ship without the same restrictions.

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