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“cut-rite” stainless steel compound (dry) a dry grade of compound with a very fast cutting action a..
$11.83USD $7.69USD
Based on 1 reviews.
Grade #306 is a dry working grade that combines fine alumina blended with green chromium oxide for p..
$11.18USD $6.99USD
Because sharp abrasives have been blended into the formula, an extra fast cutting action is produced..
$11.77USD $7.65USD
Based on 1 reviews.
A modern development that has proven superior by serving as a true general purpose rouge. This is ou..
$11.96USD $7.78USD
An extra dry grade intended for color buffing stainless steel to a mirror-bright finish, after the m..
$11.42USD $7.13USD
This is a greasy, extra fast cutting grade of Tripoli containing a high percentage of aggressive abr..
$6.23USD $3.90USD
Based on 1 reviews.
A pure white blend of premium, fully saponifiable grease with a high melting point. A tough textured..
$8.18USD $7.36USD
GLU-TITE is glue in a gelatin form. It melts under frictional heat when applied to a revolving..
$9.94USD $6.47USD
A medium dry grade that has been our most popular seller for years, for all classes of chromium and ..
$11.74USD $7.63USD
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